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American Horror Story 1984 Episode 4 "True Killers" – Rant & Review

We learn all about the true killers of Camp Redwood this week on AHS: 1984, and it’s quite a wild ride. Who knew we could feel this way about Mr. Jingles?!

American Horror Story: 1984 is created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. This season stars Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman, John Carroll Lynch, Sarah Paulson, and Lily Rabe along with new cast members Matthew Morrison, Gus Kenworthy, Angelica Ross, and Zach Villa.

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  1. We just got caught up. This season is awesome. You are doing a wonderful job on your reviews. Love your pacing. We are big fans of your channel. You make us laugh so much. I am looking back to see if all these people or events have something in common with the year 1984 ( movie plots and real life ). All these people are horrible and awesome all at the same time. Have a great week.

  2. Michael: dies
    Satan: does nothing
    Foot fetish guy: dies
    Satan: "Oh my poor boy, here let me help!"

  3. Loved ur review and I'm so here for ur awesome shirts. Luuuuvs it! 💅🤗🏆

  4. I want Billie dean or Lana Winters visit the camp…you too?

  5. I agree with you! And I already figured it was Margaret lol and Jingles story is similar to Twisty! I agree with purgatory. Everyone will die soon. Jingles already came back imo. And I'm glad I'm not the only one thirsting after Zach yas I loved his return. My only gripe is that Night Stalker has to be like irl based on Hotel. Do you agree with the this is a Madison film all along theory ?

  6. The real Richard Ramirez had a foot fetish.
    Can't wait to see how are they going to explain the "Ramirez is a real character and can't die and remain in the camp" situation.

  7. I love your reveiws 😁❤❤

  8. EJ Moreno I thnk you wuld have been a wonderful addition to the cast of 1984.

  9. Did you know that Donna Chambers is played by transgender actress. I didn't even know that she is really beautiful

  10. Yeah but Margaret's going to be okay because she has a gun.

  11. Funny story about Richard Ramirez. He notoriously had rotting teeth during his rampage… Could not see myself making out with him…


  12. New sub….luv the review!

  13. I’m a day late. Another excellent review. So much fun so far. But I wish Ryan Murphy had not melted Cody ferns face😆 burnt up he’s still adorable. I already miss Bertie. We only saw her a couple times ,but she left a strong impact. Loved the way she saved Xavier. Can’t wait for the next episode

  14. "Can I see your feet"

  15. I loved this episode. I'm ready for the next episode. This season is now in my top fave seasons.

  16. omg, I could not handle the oven scene with Xavier…so visceral and disturbing, However I was so effing impressed with the special effects makeup they did on him when he gets out. The peeling skin was amazingly disgusting

  17. I like the 80's campiness. Most of us thought Margaret was the killer🤷🏽‍♀️. I dont think nurse"Rita" is a psychologist lol lol 😯😉. I am lookin forward to her backstory

  18. There are 10 espisodes this season.

  19. Great review! So true about Trevor, the writers should have stabbed him in the penis or something. Lol

  20. This got everything to be my fav season from ahs, i just Hope there will be no witches. Please don't

  21. I just subscribed. Love you! You crack me up! Really good review!

  22. Billie lourd screaming “POP THEM PUSSYS” is everything I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Fuck I love her so much 😭😍

  23. You're hilarious! Love your reviews, EJ!

  24. I actually liked this episode, xavier in the oven had me shook. I didn't expect that at all

  25. I totally agree with you about the oven scene, it was too hard to watch. When he wiped his eye I was so afraid his skin was going to come off, I am SO glad it wasn’t that gross!

  26. Goriest season? Are you serious? Not even close.

  27. You are so good!

  28. You slipped into the accent when you said Bubble Gum Barbie line, in other words your Latino is showing….

  29. Hope to see you guest on MaryGirlMoody’s channel sometime!

  30. Lol love you EJ, I missed watching you 😂 I felt you when you said Richard Ramirez could lick my foot 😂😂 but I am really enjoying this season like I didn’t expect it to be that great tbh but I’m glad it’s going on this path cause I can’t even predict what the rest of the season will be

  31. Mr.Jingles felt sorry for Xavier as he did the chubby guy who played him as he left them to 'live' ..i still am going with my witches or roanoake (who lady gaga played, i can't remember) theory as you hear Stevie Nicks in the background. I wasn't sure about this season but I am liking it now.

  32. 🤯🤯🤯They still have electroshock therapy. They just changed the name to electroconvulsive therapy or ECT. If the hospital deems in neccessary they make you volunteer and sign the consent form or they will keep you in the asylum indefinitely until they get it approved by the court. So most volunteer and they get out of the asylum quicker. Most people think they stopped this therapy including doctors that are not practicing in the field of psychiatry.
    ECT/ Electroconvulsive Therapy  works by damaging the brain. The initial trauma can cause an artificial euphoria which ECT doctors mistakenly call an improvement. After several routine ECTs, the damaged person becomes increasingly apathetic, indifferent, unable to feel genuine emotions, and even robotic. Memory loss and confusion worsen.
    They did it to me. Yes you can be convinced you did something you didn't do because of the brain damage, memory loss and confusion.

  33. Yes! I was so disturb by Xaveir being in oven!!! Bothered me all night and today. Billie Lourd character was very loyal to her brother in cult ,and now in this season. Although I haven't watched cult since it aired.

  34. Did Ramirez honestly think that he would be able to take on Mr. Jingles? I was embarrassed for him in that scene.

  35. The Pulp Fiction scene was great.

  36. This episode was GREAT! (Are you watching Riverdale also?)

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