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Hi, I am Sunty from New Delhi, INDIA. Now live in Orlando FL.

A few years ago I moved to the United States of America. America has been so diverse and beautiful that I felt a need to share it with more than just my family. Hence, “Sunty Dreams”. The YouTube platform allows me to share my experiences with anyone willing to view. Quite often I travel and the ability to share those travels has been greatly rewarding. Sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. Sometimes funny sometimes serious. Sharing my reality and my “Dreams” with you, my YouTube family. Hopefully I can encourage someone to believe in themselves and make their dreams come true!

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  1. Human life should be connected with nature. If you live 10 years in this type of home, Will be catch easily any desease quickly

  2. Only tachnology, Inderior design, Looks attractive but no health angle consider.

  3. No space

  4. No fresh air, No sunlight, No Nature, Only artificial life attract Desease.

  5. Good video ji

  6. Bathroom sunting kaha hai

  7. Bahut hi jyada achha h

  8. Main 14 lack wala le longa.

  9. या शानदार घर मेरे दिल को छू गया

  10. Es motor house mai ham 4 5 saal reh sakte Kai Kya jab hamare pass koi ghar n ho to

  11. Bhai ji, in gharon ka area length x width to aapne bataya nahi, aur inko road par lane ka koi price/tax one time/yearly lagta hai kya. Thoda detail main batao.

  12. I have become your friend since watching your video tab

  13. It looks very interesting since I watched your video

  14. Will we ever be able to take us and keep us for a few days

  15. Sir, you never told us about your job and your experiences to get in USA

  16. भाई इसके toilet में जो हगते है वह गु कहा जाता है

  17. Awosome

  18. Bhai ap America me join SA Kam karte ho

  19. America mein Bal katane ke kitne paise hote hain use per video bnao bhai

  20. सर् इसे इंडिया म मगा सकते ह क्या

  21. Amit Bhaiya Ji aap bahut achhe man hAi Bhaiyaji

  22. Very nice 👌 👌👏 ❤️ video

  23. Matlab ghar bhi chori ho sakta hai America me 😃😃

  24. Wow bro super 👍🏻

  25. America mein job hi I am Indian in my contact 6398 4948 599

  26. Wow very nice

  27. america me mandir dikhao na bhai

  28. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  29. Nice bhai

  30. America has no comparison……

  31. Ye kuchh alag dikhaya Santi Bhai😊👌

  32. Hai Ghar on wheels video explore kanekeliye dhanyawad.

  33. Very nice bhai

  34. Dream ko india me sach karna chauga

  35. Hum India vale 100saal piche hai

  36. Bhai mujhe bahut achha laga

  37. Aachha laga

  38. Aisa room India me aana chahiye

  39. I love you sunty bro.

  40. Bhai india kaha se ho

  41. Good Yarr

  42. Thank you for information bro nice video

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