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AHS: Asylum Season 2 Episode 13 Season Finale Breakdown!


“Madness Ends” wraps up American Horror Story’s incredible season of Asylum. Ryan and Greg return to to Briarcliff for one last time!

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  1. I know all the seasons are somehow connected by some type of evil but is there any other ways they connect?

  2. spoilers also, duh, why would you watch this without knowing that this video consists of spoilers
    this is the absolute best season of ahs. not only are there so many elements sewn into the storyline, but the overall question of sanity and how one maintains their sanity is so realistic, and i will add that the timeframe of the season makes it all the more authentic considering it’s based in an era that lacked any technology that we have benefitted from in the past forty or so years. you couldn’t just record a confession on the iphone in your back pocket. you couldn’t snapchat the events of your alien abduction with a cute filter on your face.
    in terms of this final episode: my interpretation is that while lana indulged on her ever-flowing fame, she still had experienced a deep and nearly incomprehensible guilt that stemmed from her understanding that everything that had happened to her, to wendy, even to her estranged son, was completely her fault because of her incessant ambition to get a “real story” the second she decided to enter briarcliff. she voices this guilt and blame for herself in the last couple of episodes. and it’s fascinating because when i first watched this finale i thought that she presented authentic empathy towards johnny, her son born from the horrors she endured, before she shot and killed him. after rewatching this season for the billionth time, almost ten years later, i now understand that she fully blamed herself for everything, for her imprisonment in briarcliff (even though the majority of the season tries to convince her and the audience that it was wendy’s betrayal that landed her there), for her involvement with oliver threadson, all the way to the conception of her pregnancy and the understanding that her son will probably find her one day and kill her. she understood that she was responsible for so many deaths, which made sense as to why she ended up shooting johnny after having told him that threadson wasn’t the only one in his dna, and that she was in there as well. she had to re-adapt to the mentality that she had experienced in the past that led to her escape from threadson’s knife. in this final episode, she had to relive her horror after having steeped in her guilt.
    it’s fucking genius.
    sorry for the rant and that it doesn’t really make sense i’m drunk and i just need to analyze some shit even though all of you are probably reading this and thinking “uh, yeah, that’s literally what the episode is saying, tell me something new.”
    anyways. i must post this because it has become far too long and i have no choice now. thank you goodnight

  3. Anyone else still waiting for episode breakdowns for the earlier seasons?

  4. guy on the right is annoying af

  5. ok but at the end when kit disappeared because probably the “ aliens took him ? “ so what happened after

  6. I can't understand the ending
    Of the episode

    Did lana made everything up or was that just a clip from the first episode or something

  7. What the hell happened to ann frank? She just gets better by dr.auden drilling a hole in her head? Smone explain plis

  8. what if Kits kids from Grace and the other chick are the people with special dna from apocalypse

  9. I liked the movie Micheal!

  10. Could you guys talk about the four mythological beings in the series
    The rubber man
    Bloody face
    and The piggy man

    It would be interesting to see both of your takes on the meaning of them being cannon mythology in the whole series and how it effects everything

  11. I want to know the name of the music in the scene when cardinal Howard is dead

  12. I love AHS and I loved this season but honestly I was soooo confused. I didn’t understand the alien and whole Kit story and all that jazz someone please help😂

  13. Aliens have been the season I’ve always wanted since asylum

  14. bro thats the kid who played Shane Dawsons Kid 5:09

  15. How can 2 brown eyed parents have a blue eyed baby? Little inconsistencies bug me.

  16. Did you guys not notice that Lana Winters was dressing like Judy in her early years?

  17. I too was a mess after this episode and thought I was over it until I watched you guys rehashing it I am a mess lol

  18. Johnny was the most useless character… he didn’t do anything except kill a couple of people and get shot…

  19. Best season and best ending.

  20. Hey what happened to the little girl in the asylum who killed her family?😕😕😕😕

  21. So basically this season is about how a person is different pertaining to the situation they are in. Jude was only "evil" because she'd been in a place of evil/the asylum but after she was taken out of it we grow to love her. She forewarned Lana not to meddle as someone who'd gone through hell and knew the consequences, because if Lana were to stare in the face of evil (get involved) the evil would stare back (Lana would succumb) hence her turning "evil" by the end of all her experiences. However Kit is the only anomaly throughout the series as his heart remains unchanged, hence why he was so special to the aliens.

  22. So basically you want a The Faculty style season with aliens in a high school?

  23. kit kids could be the kids in ahs season 8 or 9

  24. I'm sorry those kids were creepy.

  25. breaks down every season pleasee

  26. I was crying my eyes out at the finale when Jude was taken by the Angel of death. Such an epic and beautiful moment of peace for such a tortured character

  27. Hope you breakdown all of the seasons! This was fun.

  28. Freak Show! Freak Show! Freak Show!

  29. Evan always plays the characters people love

  30. Fargo?

  31. Isn’t this season out for some years now? Why is everyone watching AHS from now on? xD I just started 1 month ago

  32. you should do “everything we know about kyle spencer” from AHS season 3 coven
    i say this because when kyle killed madison montgomory “ if i spell it right” he disappeared and im confused because i want to know what happend to kyle did kyle get murderd or sent to hell or somethin

  33. Hey I think the next season u guys should do u freak show cause with murder house asylum freak show they are all creepy and scary so I think that u should do it for a trilogy

  34. WOOHOOO! I just finish Asylum for the first time and watch this when the last ep ended… amazing! Only watched Coven, Apocalypse, and Asylum… probably going to do Murder house or Freak Show next

  35. Hey guys just thought that you should do Roanoke because it was one of the most disliked season of AHS and maybe people would understand it when you guys make a breakdown.

  36. Do a everything wr know about addie langdon i dont have good spelling.

  37. Thanks for the breakdown guys…Asylum is my favorite season by far.


  39. What if Kit Walker returns to Earth and founded The Cooperative? 👽

  40. Freakshow breakdown pls!!!!

  41. Hey i think the 2 kids are the young couple from apocalypse. They have special dna. They would have been adopted when kitt was taken etc…

  42. Thank you for this "holiday gift" to your fans! I don't always agree with you, but I love your perspective! This whole breakdown was just a joy to watch!

  43. No
    Need a 80’s/90’s slasher feel for the next

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