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AHS: Apocalypse Timeline Explained!

I break down the timeline of American Horror Story: Apocalypse to get a better idea of the overall story.

Help me translate this video:

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  1. Chop Chop! PS. What future show should I do? Preferably something new and current 🙂

  2. it seems like the budget was big at the beginning of the season and they ran out of money and momentum halfway through

  3. Fried mother 🤣🤣

  4. Nope, the timeline as presented by AHS is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.

  5. 01:37 is where the content starts

  6. I had to rewatch season 1, 3 and 5 and then watch this season 3 times to fully grasp it lol

  7. Xavier needed to be burned to start his transformation into Freddy…

  8. I agree I wanted a storyline about the actual apocalypse. Michael Langdon had a pretty interesting story though. But yeah, I wanted to see a horror story about surviving after everything was nuked.

  9. Apocalypse felt more like coven 2 electric boogaloo than it's own part

  10. On the changes post Mallory time travel. I think everyone is getting too cought up on thinking everything had to be undone because of her going back. While it's true some things have been affected like Mallory explained there is no rule of the travel that states everything changes. Also the spirits in the house we don't know what they will actually remember they don't have same time rules as humans. We know they have awareness only sometimes of death alao not enough to get out of a loop like u know masturbating daily while crying. They need help with stuff like that lol . If you think parallel timelines it would be two very similar chain of events with slight differences like maybe what happen this year in another timeline happens in 5 years . So hotel ,Queenie wasn't in it then in apocolypse she is, but after being saved then Mallory preventing her from going makes it so she isn't there in any timeline. That also helps grasp the whole wait another anti Christ was born to Timothy and Emily situation. It's another similar timeline not actually changing what happened. In some time travel theory that is what happens. if your a sci fi Buff you could probably figure a few common work arounds for these if not honestly I don't think it's worth the over thinking. Just assume the only things that changed are what they showed and future. Otherwise all the same.

  11. I agree with you, except I would put episode one of apocalypse before episode 6. That way you set up tension of the season early, then continue with your same order that you has 6,4,5,2,3,10. That way we got to see the origin and fall of Michael right after the first episode left us with questions.

  12. I’m sorry, I like things in this season but overall it was terrible… it wasn’t good. The story was garbage. Of all the things they could’ve done idk how they got this mess.

  13. One thing they did that I thought was absolutely stupid was have Kathy Bates not only be Ms Meade, but one of the 3 devil worshippers that come to the door. She had the same fuckin haircut, same lipstick, and worshipped satan like Ms Meade. Shit confused me so much

  14. Ok but even tho Michael was satan he still tuned me on by just talking

  15. Help. Myrtle was already back before there was ever even a fucking HINT that the antichrist existed. But in 8×07, it’s not explicitly given as the reason but is implied that Cordelia brought Myrtle back because she already knew Michael and who he was. Watching apocalypse again since it’s on Netflix and I just need this to be validated by someone else lmao I’m fucking confused and I haven’t seen anyone else comment on this anywhere!!

  16. Anybody notice when Ms.Mead died that the "daisy" song from Scream:tv series was what she was singing as she died?

  17. I just don’t get how Sarah Paulson has like 6 characters and no one noticed. Not even the son of Satan. During interviews he should’ve notice the head of the bunker is also the witch

  18. Can we just get coven seasons instead LMFAOO

  19. Am I the only person who found Michael delightful? Like, he had redeemable qualities. For being the antichrist and villain of the season, he did a terrible job at making me hate the character 😂 I still loved the season

  20. people actually get confused at this timeline?

  21. Hated this season!!!

  22. What ate the horses

  23. My only question is why isn’t this on jet flux why isn’t ahs apocalypse on Netflix lol

  24. Can u do a machete order for the whole series, so freak show happens first then maybe a bit of asylum, can u do one of that please?

  25. This is SO well explained! I've been rewatching all the old seasons since I missed 'Cult' and it'd been awhile since seeing some of my favourite seasons ['Asylum' still stands as my personal favourite] and was about to rewatch 'Apocalypse' and while I was one of the few who enjoyed the slower story with flashbacks and the way they aired it.. this would be the only way for someone completely new to the AHS world to really understand the season.

  26. The story doesn't need to and shouldn't be told in chronological order, it just needs a lot of refining and a little bit of reorganizing in the storytelling department.

  27. The 8×04-8×10 flashbacks take place in 2015-2018. The Apocalypse happens in April 2020. The Bunker storyline happens in 2021, as well as the witches vs Michael finale.

  28. When will it be on Netflix?

  29. Stewie: American horror story apocalypse? Seriously? 0:01

  30. Honestly the beginning of season 8 felt new and unsettling but as time went on they changed the whole time line without Queenie going to the Cortez it changes the whole timeline to season 5 midway through and confuses the whole series. I miss when this show just made fucked up stories in fucked up places and didn’t try to connect anything. They also didn’t explain how the same actors playing different people don’t recognize each other.


  32. 3:40 Anione else notice emma roberts didn't get resurected, if you make a god whipe your ass even if its not you!

  33. Time travel real

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