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AHS: Apocalypse Season 8 Episode 8 "Sojourn" Breakdown!


Michael Langdon is in a bad spot, and needs some guidance to bring the end of days. Ryan and Greg break down Episode 8 “Sojourn” of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

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Tham quan ngôi nhà ống 4,5m x 19m đẹp lung linh huyền ảo xứng tầm biệt thự phố.

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  1. What did you make of this episode?

  2. So sick of "the stew is stu" references

  3. Michael is literally just a kid in need of his mommy, that’s as deep as his need for Mead goes.

  4. Y’all didn’t break down this season good enough love this channel but we got all details of 1984 🤣

  5. Yeah I disagree with you guys, they NEEDED a Harry Potter vs Voldemort moment. what we got was pitiful.

  6. Okay, as for the tattoo thing therss clearly no ink in it and its a raised scar. it is very unique and would be difficult to replicate but the better argument is that how does that justify to the church of satan because they wouldnt know what it was supposed to look like.

  7. Tbh it’s my favourite episode lmao

  8. Jeff and Mutt were my favourite. I really hope we get more of them in a different season

  9. Michael can SPIT IN MY MOUF

  10. You know your mental health is crap when you think breakdowns as in panic attacks rather than breakdowns of each episode.

  11. Love your Sasha Velour shirt!!!

  12. Video starts at the 1:30 minute mark

  13. You have made the stew is stew not funny way to go guys

  14. Seems like the way to the Devil's heart, is through his stomach! (A nod to all the great food all his mother-figures feed him.)

  15. I think Michael will win regardless how strong Mallory is

  16. Please stop using the stew reference its getting old

  17. Something I was thinking about during the episodes where we were at Robichaux, what happened to zombie Kyle and ghost Spalding?

  18. You know Ryan Murphy made certain he was at casting for the "Angel" role during Michael's visions LOL.

  19. Harriet Sansom Harris has been one of my favourite actresses since I saw her on Desperate Housewives, and later saw her X-Files episode (really don't care for that show but her episode was pure brilliance) among other works. So glad she was on AHS for this episode (besides guest starring on a Dynasty episode recently) – and hoping for her return in AHS S9 <3

  20. Is there a breakdown for episode 9?

  21. The hairdresser and the wayfarer are reincarnations of the nerds methinks

  22. Hannah was so funny lol. Everything she said I just kept laughing.

  23. Honestly thought this was the worst episode in AHS history.

  24. Alguno sabe como se llama la canción q cantan en este capítulo cuando lo la señora se da cuenta q Michael es el Anticristo, en el mnts 15!? Alguien me dice porfaaa

  25. Well, at least your ANGEL came at the right time!! You guys were raving about ANGEL since the beginning of the episode

  26. Where did you get the stu T-shirt’s. Awesome!!!!!!!

  27. Trying to hard award 🥇

  28. "This has been the worst week of my life. I miss my toys and my video games. Mutt and Jeff comics are NOT funny! They're gay, I get it!" – Bart Simpson

  29. 3 first wasted episode and now these last two… and I am sorely dissapointed with this season overall.

  30. Wow, it only took one episode to bring a potential top 3 AHS episode to the bottom parts with Freakshow. It's a good thing ep 9 was good.

  31. QuE feo ahaháaaaa

  32. "instagram filter face" LOL

  33. Is it a tattoo or a brand?

  34. I love American horror story, not sure about this one, iv watched everyone since the beginning but I have found there getting worst

  35. Sandra Bernhardt sucked

  36. This whole season is pretty underwhelming and disapointing.

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