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AHS: Apocalypse Episode 6 Breakdown and Details You Missed!

Breakdowns, theories, and details you missed for episode 6 “Return to Murder House” of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

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Watch “AHS: Apocalypse” on FX. Images and video from AHS: Apocalypse are the property of their creators, used here under fair use.

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  1. Try to say, "Papa Tate takes Tater Tot" 3x fast!

  2. Btw, when Mike the Satan was in the latex suit.. no dick. Just saying..

  3. This episode is the true culmination of everything. And just makes me realize how crappy the seasons without Lange really were. (Hotel being the very worst ever..)

  4. The pet where he eats the heart and and u see the devil rise up with the music in the background is for some reason dope af like your about to kill a boss in a game

  5. the deer became a fawn or a yearling not a doe. Doe is a female deer, fawn is a baby and yearling is a young deer that cannot reproduce yet

  6. Sooo… I know I'm late and all but maybe Michael was possessed by a demon being locked in the room of mirrors…. Because if I'm not mistaken they say that Tate isn't his father …. IDK though

  7. "it regained it youth, becoming a doe" physically hurt me. I think you mean fawn bud

  8. Cody Fern killed it in this episode.

  9. jessica lane is art.

  10. Papa Tate makes Tater Tot cry I died

  11. 3:10 ohmigosh yes

  12. 8:21 "lost souls following a con man from some circus" wasn't a freak show reference. That's probably the only thing they got right about Anton LaVey. He wasn't a con man, but he did start out in the circus as a callipoe player. ( image here: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/V1EXeurb4lI/hqdefault.jpg )

  13. Dude you're awesome let's be fb friends lmao

  14. Better translation: "Show yourselves, spirits! Don't hide!"

  15. Does anyone else get very turned on when he says Daddy loves you very much?? Haha

  16. 9:36 Billie Jean is not my lover 😭😭😭

  17. micheal is low key hot

  18. "Doe, a deer, a female deer…"

  19. “He would leave presents for HER mother” yeah nice one mate 😂

  20. finally our dear tate has been vindicated

  21. If the world has ended why does nothing seem to have changed in this episode?

  22. I’m confused! Is all this happening before or after the apocalypse? If its after how come everything in the outside world like the murder house,them being able to drive there is normal? If its before the apocalypse how do they know Michael as the next supreme or even know each other? Help! I’m confused

  23. Im here to defend moira. She was basically being rapid by constance’ husband

  24. Totally didn't notice the deer she heeled got younger too… cheers mate!

  25. I find it a little disturbing how easy it is to enjoy stories about satan, but God hardly ever plays a role in such stories. Can't have without the other. I'm not saying this because I am Christian, I'm saying it because so many are um…. "OK" with evil, bad, immoral etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm talking about myself too here, I am a horror genre addict. In my defense however, I like the "Why, how come, and how to stop it" aspect of horror. And that's the spell AHS has over me! It's all about the "Why? How come? Who did it?" etc. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing!

  26. this was by far the best episode of ahs apocalypse

  27. I'm so glad I found your channel!

  28. “Papa Tate makes Tater Tot cry…”

    I shouldn’t be laughing, but the idea of the antichrist being nicknamed “Tater Tot” is hilarious.

  29. Oh wow the actress for pepper! I didn’t even notice!!!

  30. I just got to point this out.. a doe is a female deer, Mallory healed the deer into a fawn (which is a baby deer)

  31. The feels hit me hard when I saw violet and Tate. I have the biggest crush on the actor the plays violet and it’s funny because she looks like my gf too

  32. Spanish is my first language. I'll help you translate the videos:) I really like your videos.

  33. Moira was actually being raped by Constance's husband and was murdered for it. 😐👌

    (If I remember correctly, Moira did sleep with her husband before that rape and before Constance got all murder-y.)

  34. ready for u to do episode 7 😆

  35. who was Constance's eyeless daughter and why we havev never seen her in season 1?

  36. The last few seasons of AHS were very disappointing, but I'm really enjoying the new season so far!

  37. I almost died when watching this episode

  38. I need these stilettos!

  39. New to your channel absolutely love your videos

  40. What if Mallory is the twin of Micheal the child we thought was dead but reborn

  41. by the part you were talking about dragons i thought it was a game of thrones analysis

  42. Does anyone else wonder do they ever recognize characters looking like other characters they know like did Madison not see that Tate looks like her zombie ex and violet looks like her witch sister

  43. I have a question. When Madison eluded that the house made him do those evil things. Is that why on season 1 he is like I don’t know why they shot me. When they made him aware of all his bad deeds he would say “ why would I do that”? Either he was in denial or the house did have an influence over him.

  44. part of me has to admit that im watching AHS just so i can watch these coverage videos

  45. I loved this episode!! The writers are genius..looking forward to more:)

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