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AHS Actors Who Were Never The Same After Their Roles

Watching American Horror Story is scary enough… but how does the cast feel as they bring these stories to life? AHS seems to make a permanent impact on its stars – sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. Here’s how the show has changed these actors’ lives.

In the early years, Evan Peters was basically the face of American Horror Story. He started out playing Tate Langdon in the first season, and went on to star in seven more seasons of the creeped-out anthology show.

It seemed like Peters would always be in the cast – but that didn’t turn out to be the case. In 2019, Peters shocked fans with the announcement that he wouldn’t be returning for 1984, the ninth season of AHS.

Prior to Peters’ announcement, the actor revealed that AHS was taking a toll on his mental health, telling GQ in 2018:

“I don’t like to yell and scream. I actually hate it. I think it’s disgusting and really awful […] Horror Story sort of demanded that of me.”

He went on to explain:

“It’s just exhausting. It’s really mentally draining, and you don’t want to go to those places ever in your life. And so you have to go there for the scenes, and it ends up integrating it somehow into your life.”

Jessica Lange began her stint on American Horror Story in season one, portraying Constance Langdon, Tate’s malignant mother. The role ushered in a whole new phase of Lange’s career, winning her a second Primetime Emmy. She stuck with AHS for three more seasons, eventually returning for Apocalypse to reprise her role as Constance. Honestly, no one plays an intimidating matriarch quite like her. Keep watching the video to see AHS actors who were never the same after their roles.

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Evan Peters | 0:15
Jessica Lange | 1:22
Emma Roberts | 2:22
Lady Gaga | 3:16
John Carroll Lynch | 4:20
Cody Fern | 5:04



Chỗ ở hai anh em chạy ba gác lượm ve chai vẫn như “ổ chuột”, người lớn quen sống “bừa bộn”!!!

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  1. Who was your favorite character on AHS? Any season.

  2. To the people commenting AHS ain’t scary I disagree, most of it is based around true stories, from the murder house to the butcher. So that’s why I find it a good watch!

  3. I stopped watched AHS after Apocolypse. The show just isn't the same without Evan and Sarah.

  4. 4:50 even tho I was terrified of clowns, I watched this and it helped me with the fear because I gained so much empathy for the character

  5. U should try acting like quarantine is normal

  6. Wow this is very interesting!

  7. The only person who can save AHS now is Cody Fern.

  8. Gaga is so genuine. It’s hard to believe that a woman so successful as her would be so moved by a co-worker singing her praises. She truly is very beautiful.

  9. 👁'm 🐝yond 😀👩gaga got 2️⃣🐝came an📺tress

  10. This show had a lot of good ideas but the writing was trash tbh, like coven could’ve been good but everyone was special and I honestly HATE the girl who’s supposed to be “quirky and goth” all of her roles make me cringe

  11. murder house was the best, then coven and i don’t really like the rest

  12. Its Sez not sAys UK

  13. I love Cody Fern

  14. Coven will always be my favorite, I love Angela Bassett.

  15. Emma is an abusive pos

  16. Emma Roberts is a bad actress.

  17. Emma Roberts only plays bitchy blondes when she’s actually a pretty good actress, I feel like she could do so much more

  18. The. Producers and director. R satanists ……that's what. I was told .. that's n ot. A surprise I guess

  19. What I need is for Ryan to bring back Taissa in the 10th season and to link her romantically with Evan because I swear to god those two together are the most beautiful couple !

  20. First three seasons were all I cared about. AHS went to shit after that

  21. My favorite season from 1-8 was apocalypse, i still can't watch the 9th season because they haven't added it to Netflix, and I don't have hulu. I'm a mess rn.:(

  22. Is he gonna be there for season 10 🥺

  23. I wish the writers would realize trauma p orn isnt horror or entertaining

  24. I loved Cody Fern as Michael Langdon!! I really hope that Evan Peters returns next season. Would love to see Lady Gaga return as well. Loved her as The Countess!!

  25. Cult is a very underrated season.. and people hate on 1984 unnecessarily just bc it doesn’t have Evan Peters or Sarah Paulson

  26. I love how Alexander Dreymon was in Coven. Never realised that until now lmao

  27. Evan peters is coming back for season 10

  28. Cody Fern❤

  29. Awe Evan I love you waaaahhhhh I hated you weren’t in 1984 so I didn’t watch it lol

  30. Eveytime he says AHS the first thought that comes to mind is a deadly disease idk why

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