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AHS 1984: Season 9 Teaser Breakdown


The first teaser for the upcoming season of American Horror Story has dropped and we can hardly contain our excitement! So we made a video. Ryan and Greg break down the AHS 1984 teaser and share a few theories on Season 9’s throwback to ’80s slasher movies.

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  1. I hope micheal langbons somehow alive and changed because of what he’s gone thought weaker but still strong and trying to understand his place in the world

  2. So I guess I'm confused. I thought that last season 2019….was the "END" of AHS anthology and there was so much talk about how all the previous seasons tied together to come to the final season they aired in 2019. So is this the beginning of a new Anthology series…or does AHS 1984 just "slot" into all the other previous seasons. So confused by all this.

  3. i also see a lot of i spit on your grave

  4. The killer is John Carroll Lynch (Twisty)

  5. It be cool if the killer a the camp is a girl. Cuz would be a surprise. Like the original Friday the 13th, Mrs Voorhees, sleepaway camp, Angela, even in camp blood.

  6. Best year EVER!!!! I WAS BORN LOL 🤗

  7. Ok but like when does ahs apocalypse come to netflix so i can get with ahs on time

  8. It's legal to have a gun why none of them had a gun

  9. It kinda reminds me of that movie Sleepaway camp (I don't remember the name😂)

  10. I feel you greg!!

  11. I wish denis o’hare in this season as the killer

  12. Another slasher 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 ruined it for Me

  13. if ya'll think about it look at the details they hint in the trailor, where have we seen this from ?hmmmm… AHS HOTEL , connection confirmed!

  14. I will protest this season if Evan Peters is not in this season!!!!! That baby boy has been in every single season until now! Ryan Murphy. What are you thinking?

  15. The too simple, misleading trailer and the title "1984" make me hope for something phenomenal. The brillant writing of American Horror Story meets the old dystopian Black Mirror vibe.

  16. September 18th to be exact

  17. This teaser looks fan made and although I’m a huge fan of Billie eilish, the song really does not fit and seems like they chose it because she’s trendy now not because they felt it was right for the teaser

  18. Fuck Evan Peters (I Want JESSICA FUCKING LANGE)

    Jessica is Amazing! We Need Her! Make AHS Epic Again!

  19. Maybe after Kit sees the Aliens in 1980 the aliens started to leave a evil/kill energy in humans.
    All the 80s horror slasher flicks the
    Killers have "super human powers"👽🔪👾🔪🤖🔪👻🔪💀🔪

  20. The exact date 1984 is too significant to be just referencing the 80's in general. I think it has to do with Orwell's book '1984'. I think it will be a critique against the oppressive govt, kind of like they've been doing in previous seasons esp the 'cult'. Can't wait 😛

  21. Looks like a Stranger Things crossover to me 😂

  22. when the knife goes through the door is a reference to halloween.

  23. I think its gonna be a combination of slasher and orwell 1984. Somehow it will include the "big brother is watching" concept while in a slasher theme scenario!! Cabin in the woods…ish!

    Gonna miss Evan!! Wish Jessica wd come back but hopefully season 10!!

  24. I can never hear Greg's voice. He like whispers at me. 😩

  25. I thought the last season was the last one … why doesn’t Ryan know when to quit , stop while your ahead dude

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