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AHS: 1984 Episode 8 Breakdown, Theories, and Details You Missed! "Rest in Pieces"

The new season of American Horror Story: 1984 is here and we’re going to breakdown episode 8 “Rest in Pieces” reviewing theories, details you missed, and what it could mean for the rest of the season.

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  1. Do you think your viewer base is stupid or something because everybody knows what a final girl is.

  2. Montana's rant made no sense whatsoever. A killer is a killer. Please stop promulgating a double standard that doesn't exist. If anything female killers get spared from doing time more times than men case point Casey Anthony.

  3. actually when he stabbed the lady he was with the hitchiker ghost

  4. Where was the hole and the blood on his jeans ? #hitchhiker

  5. Did anyone catch that at 8:20? Montana lets him go but Mr. Trevor's in love with you and has an elephant trunk…you're a psycho….Lol. Ladies…please explain to the narrator why…Montana….let him go…..😐😕…well…maybe I had it wrong. Sorry. Carry on.

  6. thumbs up just watched the last two episodes and this theory about jingles in heaven made the whole season better for me!!!!

  7. Soooo, i didn't catch the Alex/Bruce thing… Thx 😁 😨😨😨😱♥️
    Poor Courtney 🤣
    Fanboy Richard Is Bea 🤣♥️

  8. Kill everybody but Billy Idol💞😁😁😁😁😁😁💞 I just love this show😁😁😁💞

  9. This heaven theory is utter nonsense.

  10. Does this answer how spirits could leave in other places too? Like can the Murder House guests find some sort of peace and move on? Is season 10 redemption?

  11. It has to be said!!! This season is an incredible DISAPPOINTMENT! So many plot holes and nothing is actually making sense! They missed the mark with Emma’s character and gave to much back story for Jingles (still a laughable killer name) character. Thank goodness for Lily Rabe! Not impressed! Even living through the actual 80s wasn’t this cheesy! 🙄

  12. Convoluted crap. This show needs to end

  13. I'd be ok with Brooke dying. I'd rather Donna live. Mess with the Final Girl formula a bit. I wonder how Trevor dies? I wouldn't be surprised if Margret kills him off. My only complaint so far this whole season is I'd like to see Montana and Richard Ramirez interact again! I LOVED their scenes together! Montana's speech to Trevor was one of the BEST in this WHOLE SHOW! It so true for women! ALWAYS THE SCAPEGOATS for men's bad behavior! I don't get why she is so shocked by what Ricky has become though to be honest. I LOVED episode 8! This has been my favorite season by far!

  14. Why do the ghosts even get stuck ? Murder House, Hotel, & Now Camp Redwood LoL

  15. Lmao "mr. Shoe has an elephant trunk"

  16. Is Giggles baby the grown up "genetic" perfect guy that spawns Lucifer? Is the victim of Donnas' family baby the other offspring? They can be from the 90's as it's been brought forward!

  17. I guess u get out by fixing what u did wrong

  18. Dude you need to do your research before you make these videos when you mentioned that Bruce has split personalities you said that it was before he picked up The Hitch-Hiker and that's a total load of crap him and The Hitch-Hiker were listening to Creedence it was directly after he picked him up and that is how the hitchhiker got away from him I was enjoying your video until you gave out incorrect information

  19. I have a fanmade season called AHS CASINO check out my instagram page for the plot, cast and opening scene @ CHR.DEO

  20. I just can't get into this season

  21. “You stay, you die”


  22. Yea. Where The hell is Birdie?????🤔

  23. Is it just me or when Montana and trevor were kissing outside the cabin remind you of dirty dancing when baby came out the cabin kissing Patrick Swayze with the older woman staring at them. Nice nod to one of my favorite 80's movies AHS

  24. I think jingles is somewhere different. That part if the lake had to be a portal and i think when he offed himself that did something to unite them in that place. I'd like to know ho. People are stuck at redwood anyway, this is similar to the hotel and murderhouse.

  25. He actually opened the trunk after he picked up the hitchhiker.. The hitchhiker ran off.. That's why the passenger door is open

  26. Bobby was an innocent kid. Pure, free of hatred and guilt. Maybe that makes him special as a ghost?

  27. "Imagine being stuck forever with a Puka shell necklace".
    Well, he's a VSCO boy now, he's right on the trend here.

  28. Will there be a connection between Camp Redwood, Murder House and Hotel because everyone who dies there, their sould remains there as well.

  29. For someone who got shot in the thigh and had both thumbs cut off, Bruce is extremely agile when walking in the woods and deft at gripping a knife 🙄

  30. "Breakfastses" lol

  31. Is camp redwood purgatory?

  32. If the curse started since Lavinia died, how come bobby exists in camp redwood? So it must be a different place or "heaven" which three of em back together

  33. maybe margaret has some relationship to
    marcy from murder house & hotel

  34. Bobby is the only kid that died there with a pure soul probably thats why he’s in the “happy” part of the camp and you need to repent and purified to move forward in the afterlife….

  35. This probably won’t happen but since they’re performing on Halloween, does that mean Edward Mordrake will appear? That camp is some sort of evil portal thing, I know it!

  36. Courtney is the best. I love old little queens like that 😂 billy Lorde is the best! I’m loving this 80s nostalgia!

  37. Good season but nowhere near the quality of Murder House, Asylum or Coven to name a few. Full of 80s genre campy horror but not totally cheesy. I have seen some plot holes & missing dead characters but I can let that slide. I know some of y'all love Chet but to me he's the worst character on the show. Sorry but Gus Kenworthy is a terrible actor and I have no idea why he was even cast on a long running, highly rated show like AHS. He reminds me of the bad D rated actors that are on SyFy made movies. Perhaps he is suppose to be the lame, dumb character that is always in an 80s genre horror movie. Stoked Finn Whitrock is back for the finale & Sara Paulson would be icing on the cake. Definitely a fun season but I'll always love Murder House the most.

  38. You’re gay? I wouldn’t have guessed

  39. What's scarier than Kajagoogoo…
    Ghosts of kajagoogoo.🧟‍♂️

  40. Mr gengal I s in havein the gost revang and Killing him

  41. It would have make more sense if Satan brought back the ghosts in 1984. When Ramirez brought evil with him. That was when all the ghosts died and killed at redwood camp started to appear and able to live again and kill. Hence the title 1984. Jonas was an exception bc he died outside of camp.

  42. Its so funny that you played that clip in the beginning.. Because been a slow leak i realized Ryan Murphy is a big fan of Steven Kings the The Green Mile with Mr. Jingles…and the Briarcliff Insane Asylum!

  43. So Montana was ranting about women being blamed for serial killers, but if you think about it, Jingles was framed by Margaret, (who was manipulated by Lavinia) and sent back to the camp by Donna. Intentional or plot hole?

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