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AHS: 1984 Episode 5 Breakdown, Theories, and Details You Missed! | "Red Dawn"


The new season of American Horror Story: 1984 is here and we’re going to breakdown episode 5 “Red Dawn” reviewing theories, details you missed, and what it could mean for the rest of the season.

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  1. Row row row your boat, gently down with screams. ⛵🔪

  2. Remember ghost sex is like butt sex, you are still a virgin if you do either

  3. Think Story, another great breakdown.

  4. 1:18 she surely does

  5. I'm like 100 percent sure that she was already not a virgin

  6. I liked and subbed just for 8:50

  7. Honestly if you pay attention to the promos, it's pretty obvious that Montana has a bigger role than we expect. I'm glad Leslie's finally getting more meat for her roles. I'm always excited to see the cast of Popular getting work now.

  8. I think they were allowed to leave because they weren't ghost… They were revived.

  9. Radio Head, nice

  10. The references in this video alone 😂 let alone AHS 1984 references

  11. Two words: Margaret Booth
    GOAT villain (Commits two massacres, escapes justice twice)
    MVP psycho killer (Her victims include everyone from teen bullies to a roided out, Olympic-level athlete)
    #1 Fake Religious Zealot (Benji was the only person that was kind to her in 1970, so naturally she returns the favor by framing him and ruining his life. Xavier saves her life in 1984, so naturally she thanks him by immediately slashing this dude from stem to stern)
    100% Pure Evil (but instead of her due comeuppance, she goes off and marries some rich dude, then spends almost a decade and a half unbothered and living her best life!)

    Satan outchea playing checkers against Grandmaster Chess Champion, Margaret Booth:
    Satan got two killers on payroll, but Margaret has more kills than BOTH combined.
    Satan had to intervene and resurrect both his minions, but Margaret never needs an assist! She's never even hurt, much less killed. In fact, ALL her injuries are self-inflicted (she cut off her own ear to frame Benji and also stabbed her own thigh to frame Brooke).

    At this point, I'm kinda rooting for this dangerous, sadistic, nut job with an ear fetish. 😀

  12. Why is the hitchhiker the only ghost with his injuries still?

  13. But the million dollar question is…..where is fake nurse Rita/Donna? She's not dead, so she's not bound to the campground, but we didn't see her leave, either…..

  14. You are my favorite media commentary channel. Your references and editing are top tier and I crack up every time.

  15. How'd they do it and NOT have him know she was a virgin without her telling him? lol I know you can't show it on tv and they have to explain it to the audience but still, he should have known.

  16. I think Chet died when he was impaled and was a ghost this whole time.

  17. Radiohead is my favorite band too Yaaas <3

  18. I laughed so hard when you said Rita had some balls since she is in fact a HE in reality. Hilarious!

  19. I just watched the episode so waited to check out this video and its comments. Brooke and a ghost… the last time that happened, Michael Langdon came about. Interesting twist if another anti-Christ is created. Also, if so, will it grow up inherently evil like Michael or a product of environment like 'Rita' theorizes? Michael wasn't raised evil, he killed indiscriminately from an early age, so who knows. I can't wait for next week and what new stuff happens 🙂 . Thanks for the video!

  20. I think in the next episode we will get a time leap into modern day

  21. What? Ray and jingles aren’t dead that’s why they can leave. Satan resurrected them. They aren’t ghost

  22. You will find out Margaret is trans. Sleepaway Camp 1980s

  23. Nerd girl is gonna give birth to antichrist

  24. they’re giving us our plots pretty early and easy even tho they’re all shocking once confirmed. i feel like it’s another twist coming and we won’t know when it’ll come but it will be shocking

  25. Surely Xavier has some Freddy Krueger link, his now very scarred face and him talking about being your worst nightmare. Also if the hitchiking guy's name is a Jason acronym then maybe we will have some kind of Freddy Vs Jason battle.

  26. Lol I’m starting to think American horror story is just showing us the different gates to hell and LA is one of them 🤣 I’m surprised asylum don’t have people haunting lol the bodies that have turned up there are probably in between just as many as hotel if not more we need more depth about why these places become cursed because that asylum was wild 😫

  27. I think there will be a small time jump; everyone killed (except for Ramirez and Richter) is still a ghost, and Donna (after laying low for a while) will return to expose Margaret, exonerate Brooke, and try to put the spirits to rest.

  28. So why are the only ghosts we've seen of people who have died outside? Yes, they all have some kind of trauma or something that might be holding them here but no one who died inside a camp building has been seen as a ghost. Jonas is the only one from 1970 and he died outside. Here's a theory : It might have to with Redwoods. Redwoods were said/believed to connect Heaven and Earth. If the cabins and other camp buildings were built from Redwoods, then maybe that connection still remains and allows a person's soul to move on at the moment of death, if they die inside.

  29. Oh redemption makes sense that's why they're stuck at the camp.

  30. I never noticed the antlers behind Margaret's head.

  31. I wonder why does Brooke not know Montana especially when she was engaged to her brother?

  32. I wonder why the ghost don't try to stop Margaret? They're killing everyone else & why the place collects certain souls?

  33. I wonder if Donna/Nurse Rita's dad was a offspring of the Bloodyface line & her dad is the son of Bloodyface or the line & that he thinks if he got married as well as have kids & tries to be normal his bloodlust will cease.

  34. Wait wait waaaait! You skipped over the fact that Brooke slept with a ghost on a hell mouth… The exact same thing happened to spawn the anti christ. What’s the connotations for after that? Is there another antichrist in the oven? I saw no condom or any clean up…

  35. Radiohead 😂

  36. “ when the mutilated lady so rudely interrupts Rita” lmao!

  37. Brooke's clothes are clean as new! 10:48

  38. When Brooke had sexy time with Ray I was like woman please 🤦‍♀️

  39. I feel this épisode was a copy of the ahs season 1, I hope shes not pregnant of Ray the ghost! And all the spirit cant Leave the place… It's really look like season 1!! In my opinion.. 😬

  40. Extremely stupid show. Each episode gets worse and worse please stop pretending to enjoy this

  41. Theme song and 80"s graphics are the only good things this year.

  42. How any times do we have to watch this purgatory shit?

  43. So in murder house when a spirit and human bumped uglies they produced the anti Christ. Brooke is alive and ray is dead, what if she's pregnant?

  44. Rita aka Dawn is dead. I think. We did not see her when the sun came up and like you said Richard did NOT kill her because she’s already dead!

  45. radio head OMGGGGG

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