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After the Tribulation

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  1. Ypu guys are cocooer than cocopuffs

  2. I've come to love proper doctrine years ago, despite what I was taught as a Pentecostal. It bothered me that a new doctrine (Pre-Trib Rapture) came up in the 1830's which actually was pretty close the birth of the New Age movement as well. In my personal prayer time I weep over the fact that many believers faith will be shipwrecked by bad doctrine. Some believers actually have said to me that doctrine is a vise. I can't believe any believer would call solid teaching a vise; real truth sets us free. Thank you for the solid teaching. I have actually brought some of my Bible instructors to anger over this issue. I held my ground and continue to do so to teach others to be prepared. Not only will believers be beheaded but I believe there will be divine intervention for some; such as the persecuted lady with child that will form wings like an eagle and fly off to place of safety for a time.

  3. Why l think the great falling away is also when everyone realizes that God isn't going to save them..they'll say..there is no god..he didn't save us…all planned

  4. Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Billy Graham, John MacArthur, Joel Ostean, and virtually every other TV preacher are not saved. They all have a false gospel message of faith plus works equals salvation nonsense.

  5. ⚠ ATTENTION ⚠
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  6. I must've watched this 10 times over the last couple years, but 1:39:20 has got me today. It's coming.

  7. 1:39:14 prophetic

  8. Who else is watching due to the coronavirus pandemic?? This film has definitely become more relevant now more than ever… Who the heck would not like documentary?

  9. You people here in the comments, the covid trash (It's 5G towers that are causing the symptoms and sickness) is another push to have forced vaccines and remove your rights as human beings. This is the truth. Check out #filmyourhospital Check you Dr.Dale Brown literally destroying vaccines and the damage from the pharmaceutical drugs. Look up #pizzagate and see what is happening in Hollywood etc. There is a HUGE deception taking place, wake up.

  10. I've been talking about this since I was six years old. My dad told me.

  11. Thank you so much, Pastor. And drones, those will follow around Christians. It's possible. Look at how they're tracking Covid-19 patients.

  12. Christian's are always arguing ab when the rapture will take place, pre-mid-post trib. How bout this…the Bible never says "this is the date the Tribulation starts". So, why don't we ALL just keep our eyes on CHRIST JESUS and look up to quicken his arrival? Then it will not matter when according to the Tribulation the rapture will take place. Stay working on our relationship with JESUS and that day will not come like a thief in the night. I love you all brothers and sisters….GOD BLESS

  13. 47:10

    The Mark of the Beast

    The Tribulation and the Great Tribulation

    "This isn't a fairy tale, this is really gonna happen and in fact you can already see the signs that is beginning to happen.

    The Bible tells us that someday there will be a One World Government, right now we have all these different governments, right? We've got the United States, we've got Russia, we've got china, they are all separate sovereign nations…. well, one day the Bible says all of those nations will unite together and form a One World Government,

    and then once they formed that One World Government they will hand all the power to one person that will be the head of that government and that person is known in the Bible as the Antichrist.”

    Pastor Steven Anderson
    Faithful Word Baptist Church
    Tempe, AZ

    Wake up people!

    💡 John 3:16 KJV
    💡 1 Timothy 3:16 KJV
    💡 Acts 16:31-34 KJV
    💡 John 20:28-29 KJV
    💡 John 1 KJV
    💡 1 John 5:7 KJV
    💡 Romans 10:9 KJV
    💡 Ephesians 2:8-9 KJV

  14. 1:05:00
    Thats most likely what will happen to me, but i have nothing to fear.

  15. Today I have become a REAL CHRISTIAN thank you Varren from Faithful word Baptist Church

  16. 😍🐣

  17. FYI, the KJV, while "convenient" is NOT the real thing. The real thing is in the Hebrew language of the chosen people regardless if we can't read it.

  18. Interesting fact. Israel was the first country to pass law for biometric identification.

  19. A great and mighty wind blows through space. An EMP being the only wind in space. The EMP knocks the stars to Earth. Satellites appearing as stars reflecting light and having lights on them. An EMP by the Theory of Relativity decreasing the electrical charge of the Earth and space decreasing the gravitational field allowing the orbital debris to crash to Earth. Hold the four winds. Wind doesn't travel globally. The four winds is the Jet Stream. Reactor cores do not use passive systems and meltdown. Hold the Jet Stream so the high altitude bursts of radioactive plume do not harm the Earth anymore.

    The rapture.

    I seen a star fall from Heaven. The Star of Nazareth just returned. Literally, when Christ came, the Star of Nazareth was in the sky. God will not forsake his son and leave his light to light the world after taking his children from it. Satan, wormwood, a neutron star fell to Earth.

    1000 years of rest on the 6,000th year. On the 7th Day God rested.

    Judgment of the second death, the soul.

    Earth casts into the beginning now the end that lights the whole world made of fire, sulphur, and brimstone. The magnetic pull of a neutron star casting Earth into the Sun imploding the universe and causing universal death.

    To him was given the knowledge of thermonuclear physics to the bottomless pit of universal death.

    And Heaven has no Sun because God is with them. We were made in his image. Do not worship the flesh. Christ the Star of Nazareth. The angels stars. God an atom of infinite temperature so bright if you looked upon him would disintegrate. The singularity causing the Big Bang forming the Sun in the flesh to light the world without disintegrating it.

    I could go on, but honestly, without understanding this first, you won't understand it.

  20. What is the best KJV bible ? I want a bible that is accurate and authentic.


  22. Who said we don't go through tribulation? The tribulation that the Christians experince during the time of the apostles is worst than todays tribulation and the tribulation during the time after the rapture is gonna be worst than you could even imagine.

  23. i truly beleieve in tribulation. We do have tribulations in life however the tribulation to come which will happen after the rapture.

  24. Tribulation and wrath are indeed two diffferent things. I will not experience tribulation because before the tribulation is the rapture. The bible is very clear on that. I pray you Pastor Andeson. God wants us to know the truth. YOu are teaching a new doctrine. A doctine base from your own mis interpretation. let the bible interpret itself.

  25. Thank God I understand very well the Book of Revelation. Revelation clearly states that We are rpatured before the tribulation. It is not a teaching made by man. John Nelson Darby got the idea of pre tribulation from the bible. Open your mind?

  26. This was great I misinterpreted the Bible for so long with pretrib

  27. i m monu hlp me

  28. Boy I tell you these peoples want go no where, they want accept the cooper tone Christ with woolly hair.

  29. Love it

  30. the bride of Christ does not go through tribulation..

  31. Simply awesome. Showing the pre trib doctrine for what it really is= a doctrine that tickles ears!

  32. Well, he changed MY mind. I guess I've been preparing for the tribulation most of my life. Praise Jesus for this!

  33. I been through my BIBLES many times. & I NEVER imagined it this way. I study the Bible (kjv…closest to the real thing, aside from ".. not suffer a witch to live" KJ (King James) changed the word from EVIL to *witch*….saw a Bible once that was printed way back when ever….and that verse "thou shalt not suffer evil to live" was switched to "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"….& Then the "burning of the Witches".
    Cause as it turns out they weren't just burning *Witches*…. they were racking, hanging, & burning ANYONE who believed the ORIGINAL context of the Bible (those against King James).
    Kinda like North K_r_ _ n Law.
    Jk….ok… so not funny but u can see what I'm saying tho….I hope.
    I began Witchcraft @ a young age.
    I am willing to pack with the devil if it meant I could be powerful in all forms.
    Not, but these "ILLUMINATED" fukkits are trying to get ppl to do THIS kinda shit.

  34. Mormons MADE me watch thez….😔

  35. หายไปให้หมด aiecbs ระบบเหี้ยๆ สันดานเหี้ยๆ ปากเหี้ยๆ หุ่นยนต์พ่อมีงไอ้เหี้ย เก๋ากับ 1คน กราบตีนรอบโลกเหี้ย ชิบหายไปให้หมด โดยเฉพาะ ระบบ ในตอนนี้ มึงจงชิบหาย ไปซะ me

  36. @ 5:19 1830'S Pretrib not being taught….1860's is when Christmas was entered into Churches; I don't believe either should be heralded, yet you believe that Christmas [] is ok as long as it teaches Biblical truth (IMO, You like Christmas, this is why its good and ok if practiced and don't like Pre-trib idea, so that is bad. I do not see a wholesome biblical teaching that I would embrace this holiday period with or as a Family friendly event. I state this to open dialogue, only: to learn. It was true that no churches would be open on Dec 25, before 1860, this was unthinkable, which included the Baptist and Presbyterians. {I don't believe in the pre-trib teaching either}

  37. I came to the pre-wrath-post-trib redemption (rapture) conclusion after
    reading Matthew chapter 24 carefully, then looking for the parallel
    passages in Mark 13, Luke 21, and I also was very familiar with the book
    of Revelation and when I went to present it to my now ex wife, they all
    blew up at me because I didn't believe in the pre-trib rapture. Among
    other efforts to get into the word, it caused a divorce. My ex pushed
    for a divorce and is now out to destroy me and my daughter because of
    it. Pre-trib people are so militant on this view especially toward
    those who actually read their bibles. I ask pre tribers to show me
    scripture showing that it is in the Bible, and they can't most of the
    time. Like Steve says in this video, I have experienced the "Shut up and
    believe me because I said so." I repeatedly ask them to tell me where
    they found it in the Bible, and they start talking about some rabies –
    uh, i mean rabbis said.

  38. Lies this is fausle teaching and shame on anyone who believes his garbage.

  39. entendi nada. os brasileiros q n falam ingles n entendem

  40. Just wanted to say i love you brothers and sisters, Jesus loves us so much trust him he is not a man that he should lie everything is going to come to pass even the gift of eternal life that he promised stay steadfast we will be home soon:)

  41. two hours of fucking bullshit…

  42. Amen, And Amen!!! The Rapture Happens AFTER the Tribulation!!! Not Like The Lies That John Hagee is Teaching!!! The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine is a Lie!!!! The Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew Chapter 24, That He would Return After the Tribulation!!! Amen Brothers!!! Praise The Lord Jesus Christ for the Truth of The Word of God!!! And in 2nd Thess. 2; 3,4: "Let NO Man Deceive You by any means; For That Day Shall NOT Come Until There be a Great Falling Away, and That Man of SIN; The Anti-Christ; Shall be Revealed, The Son of Perdition; Who Opposeth and Exalteth Himself above All that is called GOD; or That is Worshipped; so that He as God sitteth in the Temple of God, showing Himself that He is God!!!" How can Those PreTrib Rapture Idiots Not See That The BIBLE Says that The Day of The Lord Jesus Christ's Return comes AFTER the Tribulation!!!!

  43. No. It means you were never sav3d to begin with.

  44. bagus sekali

  45. No it means you were never saved to begin with. Those who endure to the end shall be saved.

  46. Those who endure to the end shall be saved. Get it? Got it? Good!

  47. If you recieve the mark that means you were never saved to begin with.

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