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A typical American house



  1. as a geman i love to watch it.would like to see more american Buildings from inside

  2. Video title : "Typical American …"
    The american in this video : wearing football jersey.

  3. Why do Americans build a house for three pigs with sticks, drywall? Why don't you build solid houses out of concrete and brick?

  4. He is lucky live in us

  5. No American house is complete without a stripper pole, i have one, my grandma has one, my uncle has one, its really just needed.

  6. All right I'm an American and that's not really a typical American house if you replace the steam shower with a regular shower replace a toilet with a regular toilet get rid of our lounge and turn it back into the garage cuz I think that's what it used to be then you would have a regular American house you can tell this is a bachelor pad it's a bunch of guys that live there it's pretty much a party house with all that liquor in that house if that's what they do they work and they entertain women and drink that's pretty much their life

  7. interesting, thank you for showing, love from europe^^

  8. Nice house

  9. In the part of the United States where I grew up this was a very typical American home https://ap.rdcpix.com/1365992056/cb45a71a98867191bd567487c7742e35l-m0xd-w640_h480_q80.jpg

  10. And where does the Anabelle come? x:D

  11. Here in Africa and kenya in particular that house is fit for the president.

  12. Americans are rich

  13. u are the poor people ower there🤔 is this america ?? it looks like a fuck hole😱
    i'm from east european if anything ….

  14. Matt is nice n jolly , these homes are all in one tiny box wow

  15. Dina you are funny 😁

  16. Nice video nice home I m ur new subscriber

  17. TOO THIGHT for PEOPLE like me

  18. I want to see a "typical american house", as i wrote in you-tube research. I do not think it is like this. I want to see a typical family house, with female touch. Not this.

  19. This really isn't a typical American home at all. The dead giveaway was the first shot of the yard Americans typically take care of their yards. Also I think most Americans decorate their homes. This house seems more like a mishmash of stuff.

    I do think there are some Regional differences I live on Cape Cod and people do a lot of white and blue beige most of our houses are clapboard. I lived in Virginia recently for a short while and there are a lot more brick houses there and many of them were mid-century Style. Inside people's homes they were more Antiques etc.. and re-used things.

  20. I M your first subscriber i think 😂😂

  21. Nice House Matt

  22. Iam surprised to see soccer fans still in the U.S

  23. Average Australian house is much better built and a lot bigger

  24. Hlo dina. How r u . I m from punjab india. Nd I want to work in USA . I m turbanator man. I watch ur video it's nice I like it . If u help me pls reply on my WhatsApp no 919646448605.

  25. I like your house:)

  26. 1:55 my country flag there

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