Tin Tức

A Tale Of Two Sisters


Directed by Adam Rifkin
Starring Charlie Sheen (Narrator), Tom Hodges, Peter Berg, Claudia Christian

Two sisters reunite after not having seen one another for five years. Their intimate dialogue paints a kaleidoscope of erotic fantasies, failed loves and lost innocence. The whole production has the rhythm and texture of a poem–and for good reason. A Tale of Two Sisters was based on a poem written by Charlie Sheen. Sheen also “stars” in A Tale of Two Sisters as the off-screen narrator.

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  1. shrtlink.ca/bb467dayonlyshot

  2. Trauma movie

  3. Hmmm wtf looking for Korean Ni this shit

  4. So..after reading all d comments…it can be watched now…

  5. Who else came for this⬇️ ?…😒

  6. Not the worst Charlie Sheen Movie- (Scary Movie 5😂)

  7. My brain ain’t build of for this $hit

  8. Thanks for upload Troma.

  9. The two leads who play the sisters are actually fantastic actors. Amongst the nonsensical surreal cutaway scenes, there’s some really powerful scenes between the sisters hidden in this crazy film.

  10. The Charlie Sheen poetry is amazingly hilarious in places. In other parts of the film it’s actually pretty decent. What a brilliantly random film

  11. It’s help putting the year in the considering there’s more then one movie win the title, which seems like most people who’ve clicked on this thought it was the Korean horror of the same name. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. its not the real movie

  13. Wait this isnt asian horror?!

  14. #troma

  15. What has been seen cannot be unseen…My god and little baby Jesus on the stairs. Holey Madonna's vogue, that was one funked up film! I really really liked it a lot… and really didn't like it at all, at the same time. AND THE END WAS LIKE AAAAAHHHHHHH… I had to take an ativan after watching this. This movie takes a B-movie professional to watch it. I am a Troma Superfan so I had to get through it. but now I'll have a nervous tick for a week… Actually I think I'll watch it again with breakfast tomorrow morning. TROMA 4 EVER!!!!

  16. You suck!

  17. There are no words for this crap.

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