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9 Burning Questions Sarah Paulson and the 'American Horror Story' Cast Still Have About the Series

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ET caught up with the ‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ stars ahead of their panel at PaleyFest in Los Angeles.



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  1. Kathy bates is a living legend

  2. I wonder if Cheyenne Jackson's favourite character is still Sidney

  3. 1:50 Well, she's badass now

  4. And Sarah finally found out what happened to cordellia in season 8

  5. I feel like they're not mentioning the antichrist at all because Ryan is saving it for the final season.

  6. Kathy Bates is my absolutely favorite actor and beautiful with a gorgeous smile

  7. I love Sarah Paulson to a new level

  8. I love sarah and kathy ❤

  9. "Full gaping vag face" is gonna be my new tattoo

  10. season 2 left me in tears wandering what happens to Kit,

  11. "Where is Misty Day?" RAULSON FEELS

  12. "where is Misty Day?" AHHH I LOVE SARAH SO MUCHH

  13. Sarah asking all the best questions

  14. Poor Misty…

  15. God, I love Sarah Paulson!! She's amazing! Can't wait for this new season!

  16. My one burning question is: When is Jessica Lange gonna show up again.

  17. I bet when they do that crossover for murder house and coven, I bet anything they will save Fiona and Misty from their hell.

  18. The seasons always start strong and end up with storylines all over the place. I wish they'd revisit these seasons or finish them properly.

  19. Where's evan tho

  20. fuck my hole

  21. Omg Sarah Paulson is my spirit animal 😍😍😍

  22. hello

  23. Frist

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