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$70USD TOUR VS $11USD DIY TOUR | Exploring Ba Ho Waterfall | WHAT TO DO IN NHA TRANG

Driving scenic coastal roads and cliff jumping from waterfalls? Count us in! We first heard about this experience from a tour guide who charged $70USD… so we thought we’d recreate the tour ourselves for nearly one tenth of the price!

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Căn nhà ngoại ô [Đệm hát guitar bolero] – Sử dụng đàn guitar C#11AA

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  1. Wow. 👊🏻

  2. Xin chao guys! Another great video… love the advice on customising the tour, and plenty $$ left over for shopping 😉

  3. Very nice, guys! Thanks for another fun vlog. Hope you stay for a few more weeks in Vietnam. Remember: Dalat, Hue, Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, Sapa….Continue your fabulous Vietnam adventure! Tom

  4. Loving your vlogs. What drone are you using?

  5. another great vlog..thank you for sharing!

  6. Noticing a common theme in your Vlogs. “Guys we are starving”. Isn’t the food amazing.

  7. Hey, I thought you had over 4K subscribers? What happens? Keep it up!

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