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6 ways mushrooms can save the world | Paul Stamets


Mycologist Paul Stamets studies the mycelium — and lists 6 ways that this astonishing fungus can help save the world.

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  1. Im just commenting to give youtube a sign this is an important topic!

  2. search Midwest Grow Kits the MUSHROOM Ecosphere Review! ;-D

  3. You got em Paul.
    You've got some growers near Nashville who are big fans.

  4. PBS Eons channel covered it scientifically detailed , how life stared on earth because of mushroom

  5. Has anybody in the comments ever made magic mushroom tea?

  6. Mushrooms and Algae are probably the most underrated organisms ever

  7. Who else had to watch this for Science class

  8. Its Now 2020 and this is the first time in a long time that we hear this .Obviously the patents were purchased and shelved by the corp,s that don't want a natural remedy foe many of these things .Are you still out there Paul Stamets ? I hope so.

  9. Earth cares about us not because she needs us but because she loves us,if all humans were dead the Earth will be better then ever

  10. Joe Rogan in taking me places..

  11. Wonderful!

  12. I wonder if any fungus are good for killing bed bugs…

  13. get immune…

  14. This man is incredibly fascinating to listen to!! covid-19 might not stand a chance…

  15. cure for Covid19

  16. I wish!

  17. I just took some mushrooms 🍄 see you soon.Lockdown 2020 😂😂

  18. This might be the answer for COVID-19.

  19. Brilliant well done. Watch the old companies shut this man down

  20. March 28, 2020 share and educate let everyone make their own choice.

  21. at 12:18 maybe he has the cure for the covid-19 virus?? 🙂 Peace

  22. When I go under I always tell anyone this is my church. A direct line to the Source. It's a gift from the source to reboot the human mind.

  23. he is a genius. why aren't our governments supporting this?

  24. you boil the mushrooms to harvest the good stuff?

  25. Will mushrooms kill corona viruses?

  26. So why is it that basically nothing has been done against viruses yet using these compounds? I wish he would talk about that. I’m watching this twelve years later with corona virus everywhere. And I still can’t get rid of carpenter ants.

  27. I wonder which mushrooms will help boost my immunity to Covid-19?

  28. I once saw a mushroom cloud, it wasn't a positive thing.

  29. Just shared this on my Facebook page . Let’s spread the word !! Especially during these crazy times ! Xoxo let’s wake the f..k up !!

  30. Fantastic…I'm posted hunting Mushrooms in Brasil!!!


  32. Agarikons to cure COVID-19?

  33. Guy has Mushrooms for brains!

  34. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾✍🏽

  35. He’s a Northwest hero for those that know up here.

  36. Why have I not heard of this before today?? I just spent the last 3 hours viewing more frequent informative talks of this passionate caring genuine… advocate. My vote is for Paul Stamets.

  37. 5:03 you believe silly things 🙂 things dont just pop out of nothing, last time I checked.
    Kalam argument

  38. The world will be destroyed soon 🙂 mushrooms cant even save themselfs let alone the planet.

  39. Anyone thinking that Mushrooms might save us against Corona Virus in 2020?

  40. Love this guy. If I had loads of money I would hand it all to him.


    Psilocybin troop report

  42. 4:00👍

  43. I learned more in 18 min than I have 12 years in school

  44. Could this be considered as a #treatment for #coronavirus ?!!

  45. Mushrooms vs coronavirus!! LETS DO THIS. Plant your mushrooms guys.

  46. I have to agree, i invented the web to help people. it is intended to give people a place to find information, to sell things and to commune. we must protect the origional design and intention. people must be protected from unfair acts, unequal access or intefereance.
    i also wrote the internet bill of rights.

  47. I want a box

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