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5 WTF Moments From American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 5×02

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And SPOILER ALERT: This episode also marks the grand return of Evan Peters, who’s character is even more evil and twisted than the hotel itself, so brace yourselves, guys.

And there is no point in wasting any time to get right into the twisted details, so the first WTF moment comes when the hotel hosted a fashion show and The Countess feasted her eye upon a male model AKA Freakshow vet, Finn Wittrock, who breaks into her penthouse after the show in search of cocaine, where Donovan attempts to snack on him.

The Countess becomes “gaga” for the hunky model, and CUE the “BAD ROMANCE.” Because Donovan doesn’t obey her orders, she sets him free and transforms model man into her new bloodsucking guy… Deuces, Donovan.

Next up, while the twisted love triangle shenanigans are going down, curiosity’s bout to kill the cat, or in this case, Detective Lowe’s daughter, Scarlett. Now, why Detective Lowe brought his daughter into a haunted hell hole is beyond me, but she is eventually lead into The Countess’ secret children chamber where she sees her brother Holden playing video games and wonders why he hasn’t aged. She asks to take a picture with him, and then this happens:

And if Scarlett doesn’t steer clear of the hotel soon, I’m just gonna predict that she is The Countess’ next victim because she seems to fit the mold of children pretty on point.

While we’re on the subject of The Countess’ vampire-esque tendencies, we learn about her rules as as she takes in her new model vampire. The “Virus” comes complete with no aging, no fangs, a supercharged immune system, no drinking from the dead, very little sunlight, you can still die, and avoid the diseased, the feeble and the polluted, which this might be the reason The Countess runs her blood through the kids as means to a blood filtering system. Yeah, ew.

In at number four we have the return of Evan Peters, who plays the hotel’s creator James March.

We learn about his wealthy religious mass-murderer backstory after inheriting a dumb amount of money, and daddy issues. After being rather sloppy with his victims, he killed himself years ago, so he is now a ghost living within the walls of the hotel. But we also see just the blonde backside of his wife in a flashback, whom he forced to watch his killings, so all signs are pointing directly to The Countess on that one. Only time will tell.

And lastly, we learn about Iris’ reasoning as to why she’s never left the hotel when she unravels the hotel’s history with Detective Lowe. She reveals that she’s never left because she never wants to be away from her son Donovan, and that March constructed the hotel as his murder factory, so that’s why the place is a haunted nightmare. Oh, and as for room 64? That was March’s office, AKA the dark heart of the hotel.

But, hey, at least the hotel is still gorgeous inside, right? So now I want to hear from you guys, if you were brave enough to tune into the second episode of AHS: Hotel, and which WTF moment you thought was the most cringe-worthy, and if you have any predictions for what’s to come, so get the conversation going right down here in the comments section. After that, don’t forget to click over here to see a few weird pizza toppings be put to the test on our new show called Cheat Day. Thanks so much for checking into Hotel Cortez (and checking right back out)… I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi, and I’ll see you next week.

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  1. I really do love AHS, but Hotel was the first season I couldn't even finish watching. After the amazing Ms. Lange left, they were trying to breathe new life into the series that had already stood on its own with solid storylines and great acting. So, what did they do? They plucked a non-actor, over the top, flavor of the moment, Lady Gaga to step in and relied on her to carry the show. Unfortunately, it was clear from the first episode that they were stepping away from their working formula and were relying too heavily on gore and ridiculous sexuality all mixed into one nonsensical mosaic. Now, there are a lot of ppl who will praise Lady G's acting now, post A Star is Born (I'm not one of them), but she was so horrible in this season it broke my heart and made me fear they wouldn't be able to come back from it. She was going WAY overboard with the "vamping" and the stone cold hearted bitch routine that I just gave up. After killing Tristan specifically. I was happy to learn she met her gruesome demise, although it probably wasn't gruesome enough to make AHS atone for the sin of casting her in the first place. Oh yeah, nothing can forgive the whole "i WAS the disco queen" scene. Bitch, please.

  2. Evan's accent was wtf for me.

  3. Прикольный канал. Подписка и лайк:)

  4. JPM wasn't sloppy with his victims, he was turned in

  5. I'm currently watching season 5 now and I'm getting such a kick out of watching Lady Gaga as the duchess she is stunning.

  6. I hate john omg when he shot the countess i wanted to snap that fuckers neck 😤

  7. So I want to watch this show but I need to know how scary it is. Scary for me is jump scares and sometimes gore. And I get scared pretty easily. Which season is the least scary? Please explain any necessary details. Thanks! <3

  8. i wish they would put it on netflix

  9. ummm.no…..he was innocent in asylum and coven

  10. This is America horror story, what did you expect?

  11. I hate that stupid little girl she's so annoying

  12. Evan Peters deserves an award for his acting in hotel….. my favorite character MR MARRCCHH

  13. as it is called the underlying issue, thanks

  14. The whole season would've been so much better with Jessica Lange

  15. so did it ever explain who were and who puts people inside the mattresses or who the demon is in episode 1


  17. Okay I know this may be a biiiit off topic but there is a hotel in my town called The Parker House Hotel and it's right beside a very old theatre. And also it's history has a case of murder and suspicions about it being haunted. When I looked through the windows boards were everywhere and it was pretty old but looked broken down yet elegant. That was pretty creepy to see, tbh. Considering,,

  18. How can catch up ? I missed ALOT of episodes where can igo to watch old season five episodes

  19. Spoiled alert ._. John's the killer

  20. I love evan peters!😆

  21. whats a hellhoe

  22. Great…obnoxious bubbly video host #384923849328493849839428

  23. Too bad the narrator of this list ruined it.

  24. Stop to call wtf moments!!!! Stupids!!! 😠

  25. Damn this chick is annoying.

  26. https://tspr.ng/xKy3xfsc

  27. Don't drilldo me bro.

  28. Asylum is the best
    Murder House after Asylum
    the other are awful

  29. Love Gaga!!! this season is amazing

  30. Evan Peters gives meaning to that show

  31. Love this season. Finn and Seth reunited looks like. I liked them both in Criminal Minds. At first I was like who the F is playing Dahmer! Seth is a great actor. If not for him Salem would SUUUCK!

  32. finn wittrock***

  33. The biggest WTF moment was when Evan showed up with that mustache. Why they did my baby like that?

  34. Этот сезон великолепен!

  35. DID ANYONE SEE EVAN PEETERS IN EP ONE COZ… I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE EE HIM OPEN A DOOR IN HIS FULL OUT FIT FOR KILLING GO RE WATCH AND BE AMAZING. EVAN PEETERS IN EPISODE ONE CONFERMED. sorry for bad spellung its 1 i the morning xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx gooooo watch and seee ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  36. This is my theory:
    The Countess was married to March, got pregnant with his child but didn't want to keep it.

    So she went to Charles Montgomery from Season 1 to get an abortion.

    March found out about the abortion and as revenge, he killed the Montgomery's baby.

    I think that this is the connection between Season 1 & Season 5, because Gaga was photographed while filming at the Murder House.

    What do you guys think?

  37. Evan does a better accent than LEO in the great Gatsby. JUST WOW! Amazing.

  38. scarlett is going to be the next child vampire thingg

  39. I really do think that Gaga was James March's wife. You can get hints from the blonde hair and her voice pretty much gives it away. Evan Peters is gruesome in this series!

  40. the gaga puns are EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

  41. Definitely the teeth crunching was fucked up.

  42. You know I'm a dude but still Jason marsh is one handsome man

  43. evan peters marry me plz

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