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2000+ Common Swedish Nouns with Pronunciation · Vocabulary Words · Svenska Ord #1

First video of the new Swedish Words Series! Thousands of words with native pronunciation.
This video shows exactly 2007 common nouns in its indefinite form, with its corresponding “utrum” (en) or “neutrum” (ett) indefinite article.

Voice over by Maria Kihlstedt (Gotland, Sweden).


Nouns have two grammatical genders: “utrum” (common) and “neutrum” (neuter), which determine their definite forms as well as the form of any adjectives used to describe them. Noun gender is largely arbitrary and must be memorized; however, around three quarters of all Swedish nouns are common gender. Living beings are often common nouns, like in “en katt” (cat), “en häst” (horse), “en fluga” (fly), etc.


· Use the SPACE key to pause the video before the article appears and try to guess the pronunciation.
· Use the LEFT/RIGHT keys to go back/forward a few seconds and listen to any word again.
· Activate the subtitles, translations to many languages are available; although still far from perfect, they can be helpful!
· Do you have another tip? Please share it with all us!


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Audio used: “Base Audio Libre de Mots Suédois” from Project Shtooka ( used under “Creative Commons BY” license (


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  1. Imagine listening to all this just to make sure they dont do anything wrong in the video. Challenge accepted.

  2. 90% – another languages words or just loaned like "kul" which is so funny for me .

    10% – swedish realistic words

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  13. I’m trying to learn this beautiful language. Any native speakers out there who can help?

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  16. why have word with no meaning in english? stupid three hours

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  22. Excuse me, does anybody have the doc or PDF document for this nouns collection? Thanks!

  23. I tried to find such video for a couple of days. So many thanks!

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