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10-0 Win Streak with GRANBULL in GO Battle League! Rank 8 Pokemon GO PvP Battles | CHARM is OP!

Hello, Battlers & GirlsThatPvP! In today’s #PokemonGO video, I go 10-0 with a Spicy Fairy Pokemon… GRANBULL! My Granbull is using Charm, Crunch and Close Combat. Granbull can defeat Altaria just by using Charm, Granbull’s Close Combat takes almost 75% of Registeel’s health, and Crunch demolishes psychic types! I had a lot of fun SWEEPING these #GOBattleLeague battles, and I talk about advanced strategies to defeat Grass-Types when your team is weak to Grass! I hope you enjoy my newest #PokemonGOPvP video!

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  1. What team evwryone using with granbull?

  2. This great because I got a hundo

  3. I have a perfect pvp IV grandbull that I haven’t tried out ^^ thinking of pairing it with my perfect pvp IV azu ^^ which third Pokémon do u recommend ? Medicham, deoxys or spamming Pokémon like cherrim, stunfisk, vigoroth Or even ferrothorn ?

  4. Mi grandbull iv is 14 13 11 will it be okay to evolve it??

  5. Can't wait to see how it stands up to my Clefables

  6. Oh my Lord!!!

  7. With this team i finally manage to get 5 wins in a row, its just OP, thank you so much

  8. would probopass be a good alternative to deoxys?

  9. Ch4ampM8 is my Mate! That was a close game! wp

  10. Just caught a shiny snubull might as well try it 🙂

  11. Hey! Nice to see combat with other pokemon like Grandbull, what do you recomend to change insted of deoxis?

  12. 10:54 its not as bad as youd think

  13. Defense deoxys and azumarill…. you could have any mom with those 2 and win…..

  14. Double charmer is quite strong .. especially in ultra league.. often win game with opponent still having 1 shield..

  15. Im starting a new team consisting of 2 charmers, shadow gardevoir, granbull and swampert

  16. I’ve been using Granbull since day 1(preseason). I’m glad to see other people finding success with it.

  17. Good team unfortunately my granbull is for ultra league now lol

  18. Granbull. Weew… Thats great

  19. I prefer Clefable over Granbull n wigglytuff as a Charmer bcoz of its more bulk n pure Fairy typing unlike the other 2!

  20. I think that granbull is the only charmer with attack to counter steel

  21. Your visual quality in these videos is astounding! What screen recording software do you use? Additionally, how fast do you speed up these battle recordings? Thanks so much for the quality content!

  22. I think having lots of friends is something fun
    Add me please : 5507 1958 8888

  23. Stylin' on those peeps. Bravo

  24. That's an actually awesome pick 🤔 Well played!

    Btw Granbull can win against Steelix by a solid bit if you manage to block the EQ! You have also the option to nuke too with CC

  25. Great run!!! Even better because it's got a Granbull 🙂
    Keep up the awesome content!

  26. Could you try out gallade or Banette? I’ve been using them with success. I’ve used them together with probopass

  27. Totally love those intros!
    Perfect Granbull handle as well!
    I wish I'll manage do videos like this one day… Keep it up!

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